• Ian's Personal Motto:


    By helping others, we in turn help ourselves.

  • Global Grassroots Consulting


    Providing the Social Impact Leaders of today, with Business Development Consulting services for a better tomorrow.


  • Origin

    Ian always had an affinity for helping people, but it wasn't until his time at Babson College that he gained an interest in Worldly cultures. Through his interactions and experiences, Ian learned new perspectives on many of today's Societal issues: most notably, he adopted a passion for supporting the World's underrepresented communities.


    Ian recognizes the importance of Business in creating a brighter future, and will use his expertise to promote those who are working to build a more wholistic and altruistic global mindset.


    Core Service Provisions


    Sales Outreach · Client & Business Partner Relations Development · Business Analysis & Advice


    Website Analysis & Design  · Social Media & Marketing  · Content Creation · Blogging



    Ian's Working Strategy



    Learning Phase

    Business Partner Research 


    A "Getting to Know You" Conversation w/ Partner Contact


    Establish Expectations


    Observe Current Business Practices


    Working Phase

    Detail Oriented


    Effective Implementation


    Efficient Turnaround


    Quality Work


    *Service offerings outlined in "Core Service Provisions"

    Feedback Phase

    Client Feedback Provided


    Strategy Adjustment


    Restart "Working Phase"



    Customer Satisfaction


    Increase in Outreach


    Well-Developed Relationships


    Strong Online Presence



    Social Impact Partnerships

    Ian has over five year's experience in the entrepreneurial space and works with multiple community leaders, non-profits, and grassroots organizations including the following:


    Primed OD

    Boston, MA

    Primed OD is a "a multidisciplinary Organizational Development consultancy rooted in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion." They provide a multitude of services to improve organizational health and wellbeing.

    Ian works with them to develop their website, assist with Social Media outreach and enhance branding.



    The Chefs, LLC

    Charlotte, NC

    The Chefs is a catering organization led by young and ambitious Community leaders. The food they cook is creative and flavorful. Among the many Charlotteans they serve are the hungry, needy and homeless.

    Ian works with them to develop their website, build a strong community and create a partner 501(c)(3) organization.



    Inner City Weightlifting

    Boston, MA

    Inner City Weightlifting is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization. Their main mission is to provide inner city youth who are victims of mass incarceration and systemic racism, with a new lease on life through their program.

    Ian works with them to develop and enhance their Corporate Partnerships program.



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